AVI™ Creme

AVI Creme

Commonly used to provide relief for irritation caused from vaginal dryness or vaginal flora imbalance. AVI Crème is formulated with all-natural ingredients to soothe, moisturize and relieve itching.

(2oz/56 grams)

Directions: Apply topically to external vaginal area as needed or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Coconut Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid, Cocoa Butter, Boric Acid, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin E, Goldenseal Root Powder, Phenoxyethanol, Propylene Glycol, Thuja Oil, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Citric Acid , Xanthan Gum.