Our Practices:

Bezwecken is committed to its practitioners. Our loyal healthcare professionals are the backbone of our business and we are dedicated to providing you with unparalleled service.

Woman using microscope

Our Commitment:

  • To use the highest quality ingredients in all of our products to assure you and your patients reliable and consistent results.

  • To use independent laboratories to ensure every lot of dietary supplements contain the correct potency, purity and quality you and your patients expect.

  • To continue to protect the patient-practitioner relationship. We take active measures to limit our sales only to practitioners that agree to our terms and conditions.

  • To be readily available to support you and your clinic when you would like to place an order or have a product question or concern. A customer service representative, located at our facility, is ready to answer your call.

  • To be responsive and incorporate your suggestions wherever possible.

What sets Bezwecken apart is in our small size. We are a privately owned, small company that focuses on what we do best: providing reliable products for women’s healthcare needs. Because of our size, it is easy for us to practice accountability in all facets of our business. We are intimate with our products, manufacturing and packaging them with exceptional care. We take the time to guarantee that the materials are verified and independently tested to ensure the purity and quality of the finished product.

Good Manufacturing Practices:

Bezwecken has long practiced the mantra of “accountability”. Long before the release of the Food and Drug Administration’s published guidelines for current Good Manufacturing Practices, we have focused on quality in all aspects of manufacturing and packaging.

Quality is an integral part of every step in Bezwecken’s manufacturing process. Quality Control operations are employed to ensure that our products conform to standards of purity, potency, quality and composition, and that packaging materials are safe and intended for their purpose. Compliance with Bezwecken’s quality systems provide the assurance that every raw material used in a product meets set specifications, as well as the assurance that every product shipped to customers meets safety and quality standards set forth in Bezwecken’s good manufacturing practices. Good manufacturing practices govern everything from raw material handling, testing, manufacturing, product labeling, packaging and storing.

Unlike some of our competitors, Bezwecken tests every lot number of our dietary supplements for microbial contamination, heavy metals and potency. We do not practice skip lot testing. This ensures that every dietary supplement your patient receives will be safe and deliver consistent results.